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    I would also like to point out, I put on the screen protector that came with it, I think it's pretty good, also I just noticed that it is washable and reusable so if you get dust on the static side you can wash it off and put it back on.
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    nice in for 1 thx op
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    I bought Seidio cases for my last three phones (T-Mobile Curve, Sprint Touch Pro, now the Pre) and I refuse to go with anything else. They wouldn't be in business for long if they charged $50 for a case/holster combo that sucked. Expensive, but you can't go wrong.

    The only thing I don't like about the Seidio Innocase/Holster combo is the fact it's not quite as secure on the touchstone. Other than that, another flawless case.

    I will recommend this case to my friend who can't stomach $50 for a Pre case!
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    I just received this case today. It took about 8 days to be delivered to California from the time I ordered. The case fits on nicely, but it does add a slight extra bulk to the phone.

    I also noticed that the tabs separate the two pieces of the phone (the screen and keyboard) about 1mm, whereas they were completely flush on my phone. I hope that the extra friction that is probably resulting by the case doesn't cause the phone's sliders to wear down and "oreo" sooner than it would have without the case.

    I also installed the included screen protector, and it seems to work fine. Some of the edges aren't quite sticking down completely, but it's relatively minor.

    Overall, the case definitely makes my phone feel much more secure. For the price, it's a great case!
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    i just droped and broke my pre today, this is grea for my replacement!! Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by destroebl View Post
    Was that from SAK.Gaming on ebay? The screen protector I got along with my case from SAK.Gaming was definitely of a different design than yours. The case looks like it is probably the same, though.

    When you had it on the TS, did you experience a strong magnetic hold, like without any case on?

    And for those of you concerned about that issue, I just noticed a thread here in the accessories forum about a mod to the TS back that may fix the problems with the Innocase or the SAK.Gaming case, improving the magnetic hold on the phone. I can't post links yet, but it should be on the front page. Check it out...
    The case is from SAK but the screen guard is from seidio. When its on the touchstone it sometimes slips off but when it hits the "sweet spot" it fits on their snug.
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    After reading this thread, I placed my order for this case. It was $5.95 and shipped from Hong Kong.

    I ordered the case late on August 9th and it arrived today in Phoenix, roughly 10 days after ordering. It came in a small padded pouch and contained the case in a cellophane wrapper and the shield.

    Installation was a breeze, even with my Ghost Armor coating. It was a quick snap on and then done.

    A few observations:

    1. The case make the Pre a tiny bit more bulky, but holding it in my hand, it has a firm grip. The Rocketfish case I had on it was smooth, but a tad slippery. This was solid.

    2. The case isn't over extended, so once I snapped things on, there was a small gap (< 1mm) around the edge. No problems at all with that because the sliders open and close with zero resistance from the case.

    3. The color is a dull charcoal and is a nice contrast to the sleek touch screen.

    4. The power button is a bit recessed from the case and I felt like I had to dig to find it, but it was simply the sensation of the case. After a few practice runs, I could tell that simply pressing the button as usual was accomplishing the task. Will still take some time to get used to, but no a major issue.

    5. The price was killer. 75% less than my Rocketfish which goes back to BB this weekend (thank you, 30-day return policy).

    I really like the case, but know it isn't for everyone. I am pleased with the purchase and it was quite a smooth process.
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    Just got my case. It didn't fix the wobble, though. If I go at the case with hot glue, would I be able to get the glue off with nail polish removal?

    Edit- I also just found out that you can't open the slider with it plugged in. Is mine just defective or is this happening to everyone's?
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    Just got this case. Mouting is a no brainer.
    But, what a piece of ****.
    Very crude workmanship and makes the pre look and feel like a treo 600(an old phone)
    Gone - the sleek riverstone look and feel.
    Well, this one goes in the trashcan.
    This is just my opinion. No need for any flames! If you dont like what I had to say here, move on.
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    No, yours isn't defective, that's how the case was made, it's just in the way of the casing of the plug when you try to slide it open, I read on some other forums they took a dremel to the problem area of the back case. I hope this helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviator View Post
    Gone - the sleek riverstone look and feel.
    Well, this one goes in the trashcan.
    How would you be able to retain that with any case?
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    Thanks for the tip. Might have to pick one of these up soon.
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    I just received this yesterday. Putting on the front cover was not a problem, even over my Phantom Skinz. Putting on the back over the Touchstone cover was a little tougher. It's a tight fit, but the cover flexes a bit so I'm not too worried. It's a nice case! The were some spots along the edges that weren't finished that well with excess rubber coating. It scraped off easily so it wasn't a problem.

    I like how this case protects the face of the phone if you lay it down on its face. I do that sometimes when using the speaker. Also, I like how the case makes it easier to slide open the phone providing grip for your thumbs to push the slider up so you don't have to touch the screen.

    Like others have said, the Touchstone does charge the phone through the case however the magnets are significantly weaker. It's enough to keep the phone on it and I don't use a Touchstone in my car so I'm not too worried about it.

    The screen protector that came with it isn't bad either. It looks and feels like a Boxwave.

    I was skeptical about using a case because I love the look and feel of the naked phone, but after a hot potato near-drop in the parking lot I changed my mind. I'm sure that an accidental drop onto the concrete would probably break some tabs off the case, but for $4.95 shipped, you simply can't beat it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tikerz View Post
    Like others have said, the Touchstone does charge the phone through the case however the magnets are significantly weaker. It's enough to keep the phone on it and I don't use a Touchstone in my car so I'm not too worried about it.
    I'm looking forward to having less grip on the Touchstone, actually. Just wish my case would hurry up and arrive. I had a similar "hot potato" moment the other day. Funny how slippery the Pre becomes when you're trying to SAVE ITS LIFE!
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    I have been using one of these for a few weeks, and i must say it is WELL worth the 5 bucks. This case is actually pretty high quality and protects very well. I decided to shave a little off of the top corner for easier access to the power button, but it is a great case. I comes highly recommended by me.
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    Did anyone with a TS tried either magnetic tape or even magnets like in this discussion:

    To make the connection stronger
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    I received mine in the mail today. Unfortunately the face piece was snapped. I wrote the requesting a replacement, so I guess it's another two weeks before I can use this thing, unless that one arrives snapped too.

    On the plus side, the back part fit easily over my Touchstone backing, and as has been said previously, it does charge just fine. Very little holding the Pre on the Touchstone, but it'll do. And the case looks really nice.
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    Hey jrstinkfish, I had that happen with one that I had ordered, sak.gaming is very good with replacements and they don't require you to return the defective piece. Hope this helps
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    I got my case this weekend, love it, but one thing kills me...

    I don't know if I have what it takes to throw this puppy in my pocket without the sleeve on it! I know its a suede sleeve, nothing fantastic or hard. BUT I NEED IT!

    Besides that, I got the zaggs on there (slightly modified by own hand to get rid of pesky areas) for the face, and the cover went over the front and the TS backing easily. It works with the TS, but can slip off. (I found a new use for the sleeve, it's a GREAT brake for the the phone to use when on the TS). I went with the dark red case, I dunno, black is nice, but everyone is rocking black. If my Pre gets tossed in a big pile of Pre's, I wanna know which one is mine.

    Anyways, it's a nice case. I'm going to be switching to it full time here shortly, once I convince myself the sleeve is not needed. Friggin thing is like my new "blanky"!

    5 stars from me. BUT, who knows the long issues we may face from using these cases.
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    Okay this is fricken pathetic!!

    I have ordered one of these damn cases from sak.gaming for my Palm Pre, and I don't even have a Pre yet. I can't get my phone until Thursday when Bell launches it!

    I need help!

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