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    I've been looking at cases for awhile on ebay and I came to the conclusion that they all kinda suck. I then thought, why should I be buying something that can snap on the back of the phone when you can remove the back?

    Are there any cases that just replace the backplate and use some sort of decent protection for the front screen? I love my armorskin on my ipod touch, and I love the fact that it goes over enough of the front that if I drop it, it won't hit the front screen at all if the ground is flat.

    Why isn't something like this possible?
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    Seidio offers a replacement backplate that feels like a touchstone but does not work with one: Seidio Replacement Battery Door - For use with Palm Pre - eBay (item 230365015388 end time Sep-06-09 08:33:05 PDT)

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