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    Like many other Touchstone users, I have been using my TS in my car and home and I believe TS has a huge potential to be one of the top features for this phone and platform and one of the top selling points that has been completely ignored by Preís marketing campaign. One thing that I have been wishing for, is a completely cordless solution for Pre, which can be as easy as including an ADP2 Bluetooth receiver in the upcoming version of Touchstone. The idea is placing your phone on TS, which has a 3.5 mm output to your carís or home stereo AUX, and getting connected to your stereo while charging with no haste. I know the idea has been discussed here and elsewhere many times, I even posted this idea on Palm director of accessories Facebook page when they had an open discussion about TS on FB back in February but I didnít get any feedback from Palm. I am posting this poll to see, first, how many of you guys are passionate to have a TS Bluetooth gateway combo, and second, hopefully encouraging Palm or other accessory manufacturers to make this combo. We can have different flavors of this TS, like TS, BT, and FM transmitter combo. Or a combo with a car mount, and a safety clip to prevent the phone from flying in accidents. In my opinion possibilities are endless and hopefully Palm has some interesting stuff in their pipeline (remember they mentioned back in January that Touchstone is a new line of accessories?). Well, I am willing to pay as much as $200, or more for this combo, how much would you pay to enjoy true wireless solution for your phone?
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    "the upcoming version of Touchstone"

    did I miss some news or PRPRPR $or$ $something$?

    I like the idea. It seems like something we should expect to see from the likes of Logitech or some other aftermarket manufacturer.
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    Yeah, its frankly one of the bigger disadvantages of the Pre vs. iPhone is that the USB port on the Pre isn't situated in a spot that you could just drop it into a music dock like with the iPhone, BUT, with the Touchstone, it could conceivably be even easier if, in addition to charging, it could transfer data without needing to plug anything in. Here's to hoping.
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    I don't think this is possible from a hardware level.. BUT -
    someone should be able to write an app that when your pre is on the touchstone, it connects to a designated a2dp bridge....

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    Nurgling, my bad, poor choice of words.

    slick5150, as you pointed out, this will solve the problem of the lack of docking bridge on Pre, and for sure it will be a better and more appealing solution than Apple or any other similar device out there.

    Mark, from hardware level, it is possible. It’s as simple as having a stereo getaway, similar to Blackberry’s, built-in the Touchstone and share the same source of power. They might need to make the Touchstone bigger in the size, let’s say by 20% TO 50% larger to fit the extra hardware, but there won't be any other problem besides that. On software, Palm can push an update to the phone and solve the software issue.
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    I use this setup at home.

    Phone on touchstone next to bed , stereo across the room.

    I paid about $120 for this combo, but its sure nice to change the track from bed or start it when its boow chicka wow wow time.
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    While the idea of having an all in one BT - Receiver / Touchstone all in one might appeal to some I would think seperate devices would be better.
    Seems that this would be your options:

    Touchstone with BT receiver built in:
    Larger bulky touchstone, additional 3.5mm wire comming out to connect to stereo.

    Touchstone and seperate BT receiver:
    Regular small touchstone with just 1 usb wire for power, seperate BT recevier that can be connected to stereo and hid wherever.

    Touchstone and receiver that has BT built in:
    Best scenario as you don't need a third party add on. I needed a new car stereo anyways so I bought one with BT and it is nice using it and a touchstone in the car. At home I don't listen to music through my pre but if I did would just connect to my computer via bluetooth if possible and play that way.
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    I agree that having a separate receiver at home would be better, but for cars, and as a docking station, the combo would be great. The size will not be much larger. Let’s see if they come up with this combo in near future. They have to come up with a good enough upgrade to make us all get another Touchstone.
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    While I like the idea of a separate BT receiver, it wouldnt be too much of a hassle to have a single chord coming from the Touchstone that incorporates both cables (USB to the charger, 3.5mm audio to AUX) and have them split. THis could possibly make mounting easier, depending on your situation.

    Even if it was separated (two modules), I would go for it. The module would have to do both A2DP and voice protocols, unlike the Blackberry gateway.
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    Right now the Pre software behaves differently when on a touchstone with respect to the speakerphone. A software update could have the Pre turn on bluetooth and look for A2DP devices when on the touchstone. If it had a nice sounding speaker system and speakerphone system, I would love an all-in-one device. Hey, I could get rid of my alarm clock!
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    Rhody, as I mentioned on my first post, possibilities are endless, and there are so many accessories that they can come up with using Touchstone's concept. The only problem is whether there is going to be a market and enough buyers for those accessories.
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    I would prefer that at least for home use, whatever functionality allowed for a wifi link instead of a2dp, as that can give better quality audio, especially if we are considering a separate receiver in the stereo or what have you that could do decoding of audio files.

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