Just a little public service announcement for A2DP users out there. I use my Pre with a Plantronics 855 and I love streaming music. Two days ago I suddenly could no longer hear music in my headset. The AVRCP controls were working fine and I could hear the minor connection noise when the music should have been playing, there was just no music.

So troubleshooting began. The wired headphones were fine. The internal speaker was fine. I could even place phone calls just fine. After about 30 minutes of resetting and re-pairing my phone and headset I gave up. A few hours later I tried to stream some music again. The one thing I didn't think to check finally sunk in...

The volume levels for A2DP audio, call audio, and wired/speaker audio are all different. Somehow I had managed to turn my A2DP volume level down to zero without noticing. So the next time this happens, I'll check the volume level first.

An interesting feature request/homebrew application might be to have an application that shows all of the volume sliders in use on the phone and where they are set relative to each other. A sort of "mixer" application like the Windows volume control.