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    Right after I got my XC90 (2006MY), I found an OEM Bluetooth kit on eBay, which I bought at a good price. Really good compared to dealer parts cost. The installation instructions are very comprehensive, and the job does not appear difficult. I installed a number of options on my beemer 7 series, so peeling off fascia, etc., does not frighten me too much.

    Anyway, my question: Is it worth the effort to have the in-car Bluetooth?

    I now use a BT headset with my Pre, which works fine, but I have to put it on each time I get in the car. I drive about 40 minutes each way to work. I have the M(entally) D(eficient) initials after my name, so I commonly need to call the hosp while en route, so I do use my headset quite a bit.

    I am very interested in the opinions of folks that have BT in their cars already. Great!? OK? So what? Wouldn't have it again?

    My first ever thread so if I have violated protocol, forgive, and correct me.


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    I have the aftermarket Volvo "Motorola" Bluetooth in my 2006 s40 that cost about $399 installed some 3 years ago. Now bought a second Volvo the xc90 2008 and need to do it again; planning on going the Parrot route for about $200 including wiring harness. I will have to install this myself, not thrilled to spend the whole day doing it, but prefer, and know I will take better care of my car than an installer.

    Hope this helps your decision; if you have it do it, it make a big difference...

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