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    So i purchased a Griffin 3.5mm auxiliary cable for $10 and i am pretty sure it ruined my first pre. After using this the volume rocker on my phone for the up volume would not work, and after a day no sound at all.

    So i do not if it the cable or a bad pre. I am hesitant to try again with my 2nd pre with this cable. Should i try again with the same cable? Should i buy a new cable, such as dynex or any recommended aux cable for the Pre? Anyone else encounter this problem? I am plugging it into the aux of my car hoping to pandora etc over my speakers.
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    I would try the cable again. I cannot see a relation between the two (I could be wrong). Griffin makes pretty decent stuff. I am using a cable from with NO issues, so I think it may have been a Pre hardware malfunction.
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    I'm also nervous about this. Palm had terrible quality audio jacks on the Treos, compounded by the fact that they put them on the bottom, along with an adapter that had a right-angle to really increase the odds of maximun torq. I think I ended up returning 3 Treos, and then went the bluetooth/SAG route. No headphones, no audio cables.

    With my Pre, I have been using the cables and headphones. Probably a bad idea. I am hoping and praying the audio jacks are better made.

    What NOT to do - if you start losing sound, or get static, do not twist, turn, pry until it works - this may help short term, but just hastens the end...
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