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    So I got my new hard shell case and screen protectors finaly! - Search Results

    This is the case I got from best buy! I must say that I love it! I never in my life ever found anything from rocket fish that I liked. The hard shell case does EVERYTHING I want it to do! It protects the outside of the phone with out an issue. Its easy to snap on right out of the box! I stays on very tight and best of all....IT ADDS A TRACK LIKE FEEL TO THE SLIDER! I was most impressed with this. it really did fix the wobble of the screen for me. Even though it is a slider and I know the screen will wobble this seem to make it better for me. The case also has a very good cut out for the phone. It does not cover the gester area.

    ScreenGuardz for Palm Pre - ScreenGuardz

    This is the screen protector that I bought. I also love it! Its a very easy install. It takes NO liquid to install. Its a cling on static. I for one done like installing IS or GA. Iam just not good at it. This comes right off its peel and sticks to the phone. I have now had one on the front of my phone for a month now and I have not had to change it. Best if all it works with the rocket fish case! So it gives me full protection! Also covers the full screen corner to corner. For its price you get 16 of them for $10. Its a hard deal to beat....

    With both of them the phone does feel thicker but its most worth it to protect it! With these items it does not work the the palm slip case. Its the only down fall that I see. I like them so much Iam willing to forget about the slip case. As it wasn't that great to began with!

    I love them both together! I will add pics here soon!
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    I bought the Rocketfish case too. My only issue with it is in trying to get it off if you need to remove the battery for some reason. Otherwise it's great.
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    I picked up the red rocketfish shell and love it. It doesn't make the phone too bulky. It also looks hot! I may buy a blue one to change it up.

    I have a screen protector that I got at radio shack. It works well too but I don't know the name of it off the top of my head.

    I like the rocketfish shell because it hides the little crack i put by the USB port. If I had the shell to begin with it would have protected the unit from the impact I made.

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