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    so my invisishield was quite filthy. I used a regular sanitary wipe to rid of some germs and now i cant get the film off for the life of me.

    now my pre is covered in streaks that wont wipe off.

    is there a proper way to do this? or am i stuck paying zagg 10$ to put on another one?

    has anyone found a better protection product?
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    I use the monster LCD cleaning stuff. It seems to work the best. Though my Pre has a cling on front only screen protector. I think they are made of similar stuff. You can pick some up from best buy for about $20. I have had the same bottle for about 2-3 years now. I use it for my big LCD TV and monitor!
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    Don't try to clean it while it's hot.

    I had a IS from my Instinct and cut it for a perfect fit have had it on since launch day. Monday i had some greasy something on it (McDees FF I'm sure) so I used a Soft cloth that I always use and some Platen cleaner (always used Acol based) well it turned the IS into one massive Cloudy looking mess.

    I was not very happy at all but Oh well. I did order other Screensavers and just used one of those for now . Haven't decided if I want to go back to the IS or one of the other types as they provide a bit more coverage.

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