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    I am trying to find out how tough the Seidio Innocase for the Pre is, especially when the phone gets dropped, by mistake of course. Does the case protect the phone pretty well? Does the case unsnap when it hits the ground or does it stay on? Does is scratch up pretty bad or it seems fine.

    Everyone talks about how it works with Touchstone, but a case is still suppose to protect the phone, especially in case of an accident.

    If anyone has dropped there phone or knocked there phone into something, I would love to hear some experiences with this case.

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    I have this case and I love it. Easy to throw on the Pre. I also bought a screen protector. The case works great with Touchstone, but the phone will slide off the charger a lot easier compared to a phone with no case. The magnetic link isn't as strong with the case... but it works.

    The case snaps on, so if you drop it - depending on where it lands - I could see the case popping off. I will not be testing this, however. Maybe you can give it a try. LOL.

    It will definitely protect the phone if you drop it, but it offers no protection for the screen... so if it hits the ground screen-down, you're probably going to be in trouble.

    I don't really think a case can really do much if you drop your phone... it's really there to protect the phone from getting dinged or scratched in your bag or pocket.
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    This actually happened to me a few days ago. Had my phone in my hand and was fiddling with the keys trying to open the door in the dark when i dropped my pre on hard concrete. After some careful inspection, i noticed a big dent on the innocase right near where the power button is. Keep in mind, this was from a good 4 feet and from the look of the dent, it looks like it fell on the jagged edge of the concrete. I do have the new innocase batch that latches on much more securely but some of the hinges did pop off, although the case itself did not come off the phone. Overall i'm pretty happy with the result. The case took a beating so my phone didn't have to.

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