I just wanted to share this with everyone. I have an older car(2001) that does not have a AUX port, and don't want to get anything aftermarket for it. In the past I never had a great experience with FM Transmitters, but wanted to try a newer one out, plus I needed a new charger. This offered Both.

I was very surprised at the clarity, and its great that it has an auto scan feature to find the clearest station for you. I'm using a generic USB-MicroUSB cable I picked up at Microcenter, and it seems to charge as fast as the wall charger that came with the PRE.

I picked this up at Best Buy for $50, but think I might return it and just get this cheaper one off Amazon.

Amazon.com: Griffin Itrip Auto Universal Plus Refresh FM transmitter and PowerJolt Auto Charging for Portable Audio Players: Electronics