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    Anyone have experience with either of these two BT speakerphones?

    I'm looking for noise cancellation and ability to play through the FM stereo and multipoint.

    Any suggestions / comments?
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    I've got the Jabra SP700. Its a really great speaker phone. The sound quality is very good from the speaker alone. The microphone pickup on it is great as well.

    I think the best part about it is the FM transmitter. The audio comes through loud and clear. I've been able to stream Pandora, listen to Sprit Nav, and pause them both to take a phone call.

    The battery life is pretty good from what I have seen. Paired easily. I purchased mine at costco and got a car charger and ac adapter in the package.

    I used to have at Motorola BT headset for my car, but I think that this is so much more useful in the car.

    My $0.02
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    I liked my T505 so much I went and got a 2nd.

    both are clear and selecting channels and Pairing are very easy.

    In my Company Van I run my WorkBB for Voice and PRE for Pandora and in my Jeeps I run the PRE for both.

    Oh and I got both mine about a month apart off E-bay at around $45 shipped
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    I also have the Jabra from Costco and use it extensively throughout the day. I routinely do the FM transmitter thing to the car radio and of course the regular Bluetooth stuff. Excellent and very easy to set up and use.
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    I have the T505 and love it. EAsy to use, holds a charge, for EVER and the speaker sounds decent, but you can FM tranmit too.

    Easy to tap the phone icon on it, to pick up an incoming call too
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    I have the t505. Love it, but I get pairing issues every now and then.

    however does anyone have issues with sound quality if the volume on the phone is all the way up? Seems like the highs clip or something when susing A2DP. Please let me know so I can either fix mine or look for other options.

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    I have the t505 too and love it. I always pair it up with my pre and use the fm transmitter so I can listen to music and of course pick up calls. Call quality and music has been good, not cd quality of course but still impressed, better than the old fm transmitter I used to use. Oh and I barely use my cd player anymore!
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    i have the jabra. The phone function works great. The speaker is really loud and clear. However, sometime I can't get audio streaming from the pre to work without turning off bluetooth in the phone preferences and back on. Don't know if its the pre or the jabra (both the wife and I have pre's and jabra's and they have the same problem).
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    Can anyone make a call from the T505 or Jabra devices with the Pre?

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