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    So I'm just looking for a specific answer. And I've searched the forums and couldn't really find it.

    And maybe I'm just a bit lazy.

    I just picked up the jawbone. I'm not sure which one it is (it just says Jawbone on the box, does that mean just the first jawbone?). It cost the same as what the Jawbone Prime is selling for on the website and whatnot. Though from looking at the specs and comparing them to the specs of the one I got, I'm pretty sure it was the regular jawbone the sprint store sold me.

    Anyways, I'm trying to figure out if any Jawbone allows for Pre streaming music to it?

    It's probably a done deal on me taking this back (as I'm sure it's not even the newest model), but I'm just wondering if I should even pick up the newest one.
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    No. Jawbone does not stream music.
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    The jawbone will play whatever is given it. It's not an A2DP compatible headset, so can't do stereo, but the pre shouldn't be so fussy about this. My old windows mobile phone streamed music in stereo if an a2dp device was available, but also coneverted it to mono and streamed over a normal bluetooth headset if that's all that was connected.

    Playing through the speaker when a bletooth headset is connected makes no sense to me. At least there should be an option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by viperx100 View Post
    No. Jawbone does not stream music.
    Ah. I'm sorry to hear that. I really like the look and quality of the Jawbone. Everything else I'm seeing/hearing about out therehas a weird look to it. I just want something simple and unobtrusive looking.

    I'd like a single ear bt headset. That I could use while I'm doing my jogs. A completely wireless experience while jogging would be awesome.

    I dislike the dual ear bt headsets because I'd still like to keep an ear free for unobstructed hearing (cars and whatnot).

    If anyone knows of anything like that. Please let me know.
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    I use the Jabra 8040 ear piece and it works great with the Pre. Great for phone calls and music.
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    Ditto on the Jabra 8040.
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    I love my Motorola s9HD. sound great (music and phone) and feel great.

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