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    Alright, so I left my wall charger at work... GRRR!

    I went out to Best Buy today to pick up a spare so I can have one at home and one at work. Best Buy didn't have a Palm Pre wall charger. So... the guy told me to use the blackberry/LG/Motorola micro usb wall charger. A lot of people said it wouldn't charger their device, ect. Mine is charging just fine. No problems. It only cost 20 bucks as well...

    Just thought I would pass it on.
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    I purchased one of these over the weekend as well (according to the guy there, the box that lists "Blackberry/LG/Motorola" is the old inventory...the new inventory shows "Blackberry/LG/Palm/Motorola")...although it does appear to be charging, it doesn't start charging until the phone goes into the "screen dim" mode (I'm sure there's a more technical name for it). So it will appear when you first plug it in that nothing is happening.

    Of course now that I'm reading this forum and seeing the success people are having with Monoprice cables, I'm probably going to wish I had bought from them instead. Why are they so cheap and so good?

    - Eckless

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