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    For reference, this protector is found at this link:

    Pre Screen Protector / Palm Pre Screen Protector / Pre Screen Cover / Palm Pre Screen Cover / Pre Screen Film - ClearTouch Anti-Glare

    First off, I was looking for a screen protector similar to the one I purchased for my iPhone - this was called the Power Support Anti Glare Film.

    I found the boxwave screen protectors and definitely think they are the closest thing that I can get for the Pre.

    In terms of functionality, these screen protectors do nothing to limit your access to the touchscreen. I do not believe they change the sensitivity at all, at least in my experience.

    In terms of the actual texture of the screen, I makes the surface feel more "paper-like" - a texture I prefer than smudgy glass or the sticky resin-type plastic on many other screen protectors or body skins.

    The protector also just manages to cut a curve over the portion of the top left and right corners of the lcd. This can cause some light to hit the edges of the top corners of the protector. Usually not a huge deal as the top corners of the LCD itself on the pre are always black (rounded).

    Anti-glare screen protectors also introduce some graininess, color noise, or a "prismatic" effect onto the screen. This is an annoyance to some - please be aware of this. Also, please note that the included photos themselves have some image noise, so the noise you see on the protector may actually not be as bad in real life. Simply put, there will be some grain on the screen that will be most noticeable on white.

    The protector is very good at handling fingerprints. Not only do fingerprints not appear as harsh on the protector, but the protector is much more easily cleaned than the naked pre or other screen protectors that I have tried (i.e. the Amzer).

    Application of the protector was very easy. I personally tried a few times to get it just perfect. This is a stick-on protector, no water or solution needed to apply, and it can be reapplied many times. I found it easiest to put a little bit of water on the sticky side to avoid the protector from picking up any dust, but that was my own method that others may not be willing to do. The most difficult part of applying the protector was lining up the holes for the center button, mic hole, and earpiece perfectly (took me a few tries, as the protector has no budge after it has been stuck to the screen). Basically, you have to drop it exactly perfect.

    Lastly, the anti-glare properties of the screen protector are great. It does not cut down on glare completely but reduces it enough so as to not be distracting, like the actual naked screen is. You cannot, for instance, see yourself in the screen no matter how hard you try


    I would say this is where my major con lies. The Boxwave protectors do not cover the entire front face of the device. This means the section starting above the earpiece, anything below the mic hole, and anything a few mms past the edge of both sides of the screen are completely unprotected. For those who are curious as to the exact amount of protection, please see the pictures attached.

    I do not know of a case that can be combined with this to completely cover the Pre. I tried the Boxwave snap-on case, which manages to cover the sides of the screen, but especially not the top. That case has other drawbacks - See my separate review here:

    For those who are picky about looks, this may not be the protector for them.

    This has just the amount of thickness to be noticeable on the surface of the pre, and while the edges do not lift if you apply the protector well, the surface is drastically different than the pre itself, so it makes it a tad easier to notice.


    Good for?
    Those who want an anti-glare screen protector to minimize screen glare, fingerprints, and protect the screen and gesture area from scratches.

    Not good for?
    Those who are looking for complete protection for the entire front of their pre, whether in combination with a case or alone.

    Other thoughts/notes:
    -The ultimate screen guard from Seidio seems to cover a very similar amount of area as the boxwaves. Check out pictures in this review:

    Note that the Seidios are a clear screen protector with no anti-glare properties.

    -The forever fitters screen protector covers much more area but seems to not adequately stick to the screen due to the curved nature of the Pre's surface:

    This is also a "clear" screen protector.

    - The amzer anti-glare screen protectors are horrible and not anti-glare at all. I would not recommend them. See my review of this screen protector here:

    Amzer Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Palm Pre

    - I believe this is the best solution for the Pre. It may not work for some, and I would prefer it would have more screen area protected (particularly in the area above the earpiece), but I believe they avoided this because the protector would not adhere to the curved surface on the pre.

    - You can see how this screen protector can be combined with a snap case here:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Thanks for your very thorough review.

    Based on your experience, I ordered a 3-pack and have been trying it out for the last week.

    I agree with everything you said. It adds a bit of graininess, but it's still very readable. The texture is much easier to swipe and also feels a bit less "plasticky" to me than a naked Pre.

    I personally don't find this to affect the aesthetics negatively at all. The texture difference is noticeable yet the shape seems to fit the Pre's style well.

    The top corners, while acceptable, could be a little taller. A few of the corner pixels aren't covered and it would be distracting if WebOS didn't have the rounded corners.

    Once again, thanks for taking the time to write such a helpful review. This should be made sticky or mentioned on the main website in a comparison of screen protectors.
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    THANK YOU for this review. I was about 5 seconds away from ordering amzer anti-glare for my Treo Pro when i found this review and switched my order to Boxwave anti-glare. I received the Boxwave yesterday and think it is GREAT -- well worth the extra $$$ !!!

    Thank you for taking the time to provide this review !
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    I'm currently waiting on mine to arrive. I ordered it on Sunday and it says its been delivered to my area but that was yesterday. Kind of annoying knowing it's not very far away but yet I don't have it.
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    Ok, mine just came it. It sucked trying to get it just right. Do the edges eventually lay down after a while? I don't have any bubbles but the edges have some.
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    Anybody?? I've had it one for a few days now and I've messed with it a little bit trying to get those edges to stick but they still aren't.
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    I used Boxwave protectors for years with my old Treo and would have a similar problem with the edges on some of them. The raised area around the Treo's screen made it more tolerable.

    Try pulling of the protector, cleaning it with soap and water per the instructions, and re-applying. Sometimes you can get the "tackiness" to come back. (I'm guessing you can do that with the Pre was safe with the Treo versions.) There were some that simply wouldn't stick properly on a particular corner.

    I liked the Boxwave's transparency, but went with another style. If the Boxwave version covered the entire slider portion, I would have continued to use them with my Pre.
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    I like this one. I think its better than zagg which I understand has a rough texture too it. Plus no sticky glue or applicator. Just peel and apply. Getting the bubbles out is a little rough. Mine is perfect now with barely any visible bubble, so take your time applying it. Nice shiny, glossy look which is close to the original.
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    FYI, the Anti-Glare ClearTouches only comes with one screen protector... but our Crystal Clear-Touches come with 2 versions, one that is exsactly like the AG version, and an updated one that covers above the earpeice

    Link: Pre Screen Protector / Palm Pre Screen Protector / Pre Screen Cover / Palm Pre Screen Cover / Pre Screen Film - ClearTouch Crystal

    Thanks for the review!

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