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    I just got the new Seidio 2600 mah extended battery. It is barely thinner than the extended battery on my Treo 755P, but the shape is much more streamlined and easier to slide in and out of my pocket. The weight is quite a bit more. The problem with it is when taking pictures and using the flash, the flash reflects off of the extended back cover somehow and wrecks the whole picture. The picture all washed out and seems to have a circular distortion in the middle and the lower righthand side. You certainly would have thought they would have figured this out and designed the cover over the camera light and lens to be such that this wouldn't be a problem. I'd say it's a glaring oversite. Regular nonflash pics are fine.
    I'm going to head out today with everything including GPS on and see how long it lasts. The standard battery's life really sucked and it just wasn't practical for my daily usage, so I hope this works.
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    Damn. Thanks for noting that issue. I was going to buy that, but I really like the camera and can't see losing the utility of that.


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