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    I had criticized Seidio for not following up on an inquiry they made on a review of a defective USG (universal screen guard) I had purchased. Well today, out of the blue, I received a box, sent 2 day mail, from Seidio with a pristine and flawless USG. I want to thank Seidio for their excellent followup and for renewing my faith in them as a provider of quality accessories. Good job!
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    I'll post here too to recognize the customer service quality of Seidio. As a consumer, you not only pay for top dollar products but also great CS to back it up. Kudos to you Seidio.
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    I can't quote on there customer service yet other then for the fact that there product is sound and I haven't needed to call them. Purchased the Innocase, will purchase more if something is needed from them first.

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