So I ordered a screen protector, the white silicone case, the black rubberized hard case, and the white hard case. $25 with the coupon code. Not bad for 3 cases and a screen protector. Kinda of weird though, of course the silicone case sucks, the opening for the screen isnt fitted properly so it covers the bottom left corner, cant feel the power button so it took a few tries to actually press it, but i havent had any issues with the front falling off with this one. The black rubber hard case just sucks. Flat out. doesnt allow the slider to close all the way unless you force it, and you're not opening the slider one handed....period. Still has plastic overhang from where the cutter separated it from the mold, it came with some scratches along the edges so that you can see the white plastic underneath. About the only good thing is the access for the power button. Now you would think the white hard case would be the same but its not. its made from a different mold, fits beautifully with no extra resistance when opening the slider. Problem is its not white...its like a cheap pearl white that looks like it is turning yellow already, and the backing makes it hard to get to the power button. Probably going to give the white case a try for a while since its the first hard case i've tried that hasnt messed with the opening and closing of the phone( havent tried Seidio yet). havent put on the screen protector yet so we'll see how that goes. I'll try and get some pics up tomorrow to show the difference in the 2 hard cases. It would be perfect if the white case had the same opening for the power button as the black rubberized one.