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    When opening the Pre's keyboard I started seeing little spots(like scratches) on the top edge of the keyboard, the glossy part right before the edge, on the bottom of the keyboard. This just started when I put the Seidio Innocase on the Pre. I wonder if the top protector is rubbing on the keyboard when opening or closing, causing it to scratch. The bottom of the top protector does feel a little sharp. I know it is just a little cosmetic damage, but it is frustrating. My wife tells me I am very anal, because I notice everything. I know this wasn't like this before I put the Seidio Innocase on.

    Does anyone else have this problem. Has anyone else really looked to see if they are actually having this problem. I know I put the protector on right.

    On a side note, how does the exchange for a faulty Innocase work? I do have a problem with the right bottom tab of the top protector coming off. They are suppose to send me a replacement. Do they send you a new full Innocase or just the top piece of the Innocase for your Pre? Also do you send back your old piece or just keep it? Do they send you a return shipping label to return it? I really don't want to pay for shipping on a product that was defective. If you don't return the old case do you get charged again? Just wondering how this works. Last week I called Seidio about the problem of the tab popping off and they said that they would send me another one. I don't remember ever getting a RMA number. Everyone else said they got an RMA number. Oh, well I will see once I get the exchange. But that still doesn't help me with the scratch of the bottom of the keyboard though.

    Now I am worried about keeping this on, and wondering if it will scratch it even more and maybe I should return it. I do like it though, and really need it. I use the phone a lot, especially outside, and need protection just in case I drop the phone.
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    You are telling me no one else has had this problem. If you have the innocase on, open your keyboard and look at the bottom portion of the tip of the keyboard. The flat side you can see that is the gloss black of the keyboard right before the edge (you know the edge that can cut cheese). Take a look and see if you see little spots (scratches) all across that bottom. You probably don't even notice it unless you look.
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    i have scratches on the bottom of my keyboard but it's from the slider...i don't use a case.
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    Your wife is right. I had those scratches there from before I installed my innocase, and even had them on my old Pre that I exchanged.
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    Quote Originally Posted by draven76 View Post
    Your wife is right. I had those scratches there from before I installed my innocase, and even had them on my old Pre that I exchanged.
    Yeh, I know, I am anal and I baby the Pre too much, just like every other electronics and cars I have. So I guess it is safe to put the Innocase back on? The rubbing of opening and closing the keyboard probably caused it before I put the Innocase on.
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    Dude, same thing that you explained happened to mine! It drives me insane.... But, I kind of forgot about it until I read this post. My mirror is also getting scratched because of the sliding. Think the insurance covers this!?

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