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    I want to get an A2DP earpiece because I understand that Sprint Nav will broadcast to it. I have a non-a2dp and it doesn't broadcast to it. I want to find a single ear A2DP earpiece because I want to be able to listen to directions inside of my motorcycle helmet while keeping one ear open.

    I looked at the Plantronics 855 with the detachable other earpiece and I like it. Do you think that the Nav will broadcast to the single earpiece w/o the other earbud in?

    I liked the idea of the Motorola H9 because it is tiny, but I don't think it is A2DP.

    I have no interest in call quality in this case, just want to be able to get GPS instructions.

    Any other earpiece suggestions welcomed.
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    Yes the Plantronics 855 works as a single earpiece. I would also consider the Jabra BT8040. It's $14.99 on Amazon. I own them both and highly recommend them.
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