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    Hey guys, new Pre user here, just got it 2 days ago. I bought the Invisishield protector with it, and made the mistake of trying to install it myself. After several poor attempts, I thought I had it on good, only to find a day later that there are a bunch of bubbles and the flaps on the corners are not flat. So now I read that Best Buy will install for you, which they didn't offer when I first bought the phone. Can I remove this one and have them re-install it? Will it look jacked up? Do I need to buy another one to have them install?

    Otherwise maybe I will just send it in for a replacement with the warranty, and ask Best Buy to install the new one.
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    If you have the solution still, the you can redo it. Just douse the IS in it and clean it good. Same w the phone. I installed mine w no issues and LOVE it. i
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    Aphoward... I did the same thing. I love it but it is a PAIN to install. I should have just had Best buy put it on.....

    What about the warranty? Can I send this one back and just get a warranty replacement? Is that possible? How do I go by that? any ideas?
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    I got mine at a ZAGG cart in a local mall. Installing it is absolutely not rocket science, but experience helps, so I let him do it for $5.

    He said that the warranty applies no matter what -- as long as you get it off the device and it's clear that it's theirs, they'll give you a new one.

    At the cart, even if you get a warranty repair, it's $5 to have them install it.

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    Unfortunately we don't have any of the carts around here. I'd love to return it and get a new one from them, and just have Best Buy do the install, but the warranty says does not cover installation issues.

    Maybe I can convince BB to exchange for me? Or I will return it at one BB, then buy a new one at another and have them do an install.
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    I bought my Invisible Shield from Best Buy and paid them $12.99 to install it. 24 hours later, I still had horrible bubbles all over and also a big black speck in the middle of my display. They refunded my money, gave me a new shield, and basically said that was the best they could do and couldn't install it any better. Unfortunately there are no mall carts anywhere near me, so I decided to attempt the install myself after reading all the tips on these and other forums. I ended up with slightly fewer bubbles than the Best Buy install, and a tighter fit around the edges, but I still have 1 fairly large bubble that I couldn't get rid of and I'm doubtful that it will go away. I also got a bright white speck of dust just to the right of the Center button and a little x-shaped piece of lint right in the middle of the display. The installation itself wasn't extremely difficult, but to me it seems like the conditions have to be 100% perfect or else there will be problems. I thought I was working in a clean area, but I didn't even see the lint until it was too late. These shields are frustrating to say the least.

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