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    Anyone make a coiled USB cable for charging in the car? I see the one advertised here which rolls up, but it's only two feet long... would prefer longer.... just a simple coiled cord would suffice....

    Thanks, Greg
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    Check Amazon - there are several Pre car chargers there, I believe at least one is coiled and at least one is retractable.
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    coiled = if you pull it to far your getting smacked in the face

    I picked up a standard car-charger and just use the regular usb cable, that way I can still use the phone while driving and I usually leave the phone and extra slack on the passanger side so it won't get in my way.
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    The Sprint one is coiled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    The Sprint one is coiled.
    Well I got ripped off then.... mine isn't coiled

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