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    Lets face it. Its Palm's biggest and coolest innovation with the launch of the Pre.

    This thought came to me after seeing an episode in the Late Show where Fallon tried to advertise the Pre. He was showing the Pre and its features, but the audience was quiet. It only garnered the "oooh" after he started showing the Touchstone.

    To the average Joe, the Pre is another iPhone until they see how it charges on the Touchstone.

    Who's with me?
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    I don't disagree, but they need to focus on producing better commercials for the Pre first.
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    I wouldnt call it the biggest innovation, but it could be advertised more.
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    I see an ad like the following:

    iPhone #1 owner walks up to his docked iPhone and pushes the phone back. We hear a snap and the iPhone owner shows that a piece of the iPhone's dock has snapped off and is still attached to the bottom on the phone.

    In walks Palm Pre user, who gently lifts his Pre from the Touchstone. He looks at the broken iPhone/dock and gives iPhone user a dirty look like "I told you so."

    Ad #2: iPhone user #2 is trying to snap a USB cable into iPhone, but seems to be unable to get it to connect. The ad is silent, but cartoon world bubbles appear above his head: "$^&@, stupid plug!"

    Palm Pre user walks in, pulls Pre from pocket, gently "drops" in onto a close-up on Touchstone, and walks away.

    Ad #3: Everything is white, except for a Touchstone. Hand comes in a plops a Pre down. We see "Battery Charging" on the screen and here the system sound. Voice-over says "The new Palm Pre, with Touchstone wireless charging technology developed here..." Screen changes to NASA or some other high tech looking place." Screen changes to an iPhone, with a damaged USB cable sticking out. "Those other guys are still charging..." Screen changes to Ben Franklin flying his kite in a lightening storm. " it's the 1700's."
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    The Touchstone is the single most impressive feature of the Pre for most 'non technical' users. Palm needs to put it out there much more then they are already.
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    Just end Pre commercials showing someone taking it off the touchstone. It's really the finishing touch for many. But then again, Palm blows at marketing.
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    I absolutely love the Touchstone. I would rank it up there as far as top features for the Pre. I still get people all the time who think it is so cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    But then again, Palm blows at marketing.
    True. If a Touchstone was featured in a Palm ad, it'd go something like this:

    A bald woman without eyebrows has her face pressed up the glass. He nose is squashed. We hear what can only be described as someone gasping for air.

    Behind the glass, the hairless woman says "I'm a masochist. I like to get paper cuts on my tongue, put fire ants in my nostrils, and..." [she presses a hand with only three fingers up to the glass] "...I hate my own fingers."

    Then, about 8 seconds of silence, as the eyes roll back in her head and we see the whites. Finally, fade out to a Touchstone. The mutilated hand comes in and drops the Pre on the Touchstone. Her voice is heard, "But when it comes to charging my device, only easy and painless will do."

    If Sprint did the ad, it'd be something like this:

    Loud heavy metal music. Rapidly changing visuals of the Pre, all showing the device doing something that it doesn't actually do.

    Finally, the rapid visual stop, with a Pre floating about 2 inches from a Touchstone (without any micro USB cable). Voice-over says "On the Now Network, even charging your phone doesn't require wires." The camera does a 360 degrees around the Touchstone to emphasize that there no wires and that, in fact, the Pre does float without actually touching it. Metal rocker pops up on the screen and screams "IT'S TOTALLY WIRELESS!!!!"

    In tiny print that's on the screen for about a half a second, the following appears: "May require additional accessories. May require a select unlimited data plan and waiver on the rules of gravity."
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    I think not, at least until they get production up and get back orders cleared and actually have inventory of them.

    Seems to be their thing, trail behind in the inventory.

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