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    Ok so i got the Touchstone charger today and i realized that the rocketfish hard cover for the pre doesn't allow for i was wondering if there's any hard cases that are thin enough to allow charging with touchstone and yet provide ample protection for the pre
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    The innocase allows you to charge with the Touchstone. As others have noted, the case reduced the ability of the Touchbase to snugly hold the pre, but it works fine for me.
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    Since I have had the innocase I have had no problems charging on the touchstone. Something you may find helpful is cleaning the touchstone backing with a microfiber as well as you can, then putting the innocase on and making sure that is clean before placing it on the touchstone. It should hold pretty well.
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    this is why I haven't bought a touchstone, the snap cases I own don't work with it and I have 3 chargers around the house so I don't need it IMO.

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