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    I read somewhere and also heard from others that putting a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery in the refrigerator will help to preserve it. Is this true?

    I am wondering if putting it in the freezer is recommended, since cooler temperatures seem to help, or is the freezer too cold?

    Thanks in advance.
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    i think putting batteres in the refrigerator or freezer was somethign that was common for old alkaline batteries...

    from what i know these days (and read), room temperature would be just as good as keeping it in the refrigerator, doesnt help at all..
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    I just learned that "freezing" is not good. But a cool place, such as a fridge, is ideal for storage of batteries.

    To keep the moisture out, seal the battery in a ziploc freezer bag. Double bagging may even be safer, which is what I will do when I get home with my extra Pre battery.

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