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    Have you noticed that when you are talking on the phone while using Sprint Nav, GPS accuracy diminishes? One time it kept saying I was .7 miles from my next turn for over 5 miles. Since I was engrossed in my conversation, I did not realize this. As soon as I hung up the phone, SprintNav told me to make a U-turn and go back 4 MILES!

    I guess talking on the phone CAN be distracting!

    Anyone have a similar experience or have a fix for this (other than stop talking on the phone )?
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    I think the GPS is most likely working fine. The problem is While on the Phone no data can transmit. This means the Maps end of SprintNav isn't updating. I guess it uses that as reference to turns and such.

    Only fix is to get off the phone I would think.
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    This is one of the reasons why I believe Sprint navigation is a nice thing to have, and it is certainly useful in a jam, but it doesn't beat having a dedicated GPS device in your car, imho. I still love my Garmin Nüvi.
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    What's interesting is that the GPS would still be accurate for a "while". When I make relatively short calls, everything is cool. It seems the longer you talk, the more inaccurate it will become. So now, if I have a 30 mile stretch to my next turn for example, I'll set my trip odometer and make sure I am off the phone within 29 miles.
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    Last night I was at home and type ##GPS# to see the numeric GPS data and it couldn't get a response from the GPS. I did this a few times. Then I turned off bluetooth (which wasn't connected to anything) and voila, it got a fix immediately. I have no real proof that bluetooth effected the GPS, but it sure seemed coincidental. I guess I'll keep playing with it. I also had WiFi on and I didn't turn that off. I tried turning off bluetooth because I was realizing that I had 3 radios on and GPS would be the fourth.
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    The other day, I was out for a walk and wanted to see on Google Maps where the streets cut through and was surprised to see the cell tower fix to be really off. I switched on the GPS receiver and it never locked onto my location and a little later showed me a quarter-mile away from my actual location. Last night, I wanted to use Sprint Nav and it couldn't get a GPS lock and when I switched it to just map view, it was nowhere near my location. I rebooted the phone and it was spot on. Very weird.
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    I have noticed on a few occasions that the GPS information is not accurate. I had the same issue last week, as stated by DirkBelig. For me, it showed I was in a different city some 10/15 miles away. But then after a soft-reset, it worked fine and came up with the correct location.

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