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    Did the yellow illuminated ring fizzle out on you? I went to go see my friend at work, and on my way to her, I noticed that the yellow ring started flickering. I was So I unplugged it and plugged it back in...same thing. I unplugged it for the rest of the trip, but then, when driving back home again, I plugged it back in. The ring stayed solid at first, then started blinking, then totally died. My phone was at 67% when I left her work, and at 92% when I got back it's still working.

    Just wondering if anyone elses charger lost the light?
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    Sounds to me like the light in there somehow shorted out or became disconnected. Since it is electrical, even though it is working I would recommend taking it into the store and having them replace it. If you purchased it from a corporate Sprint store there should be a year warranty on the charger. As long as they have one in stock they should replace it for free.

    If you still have the receipt take it is, makes it easy and quick for us. If not, then if it was attached to the account when sold they should be able to pull it up in the system to make sure you are within a year.
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    Yeah I bought it last month. But since there are no corporate stores in my area, I ordered it online. Guess I am going to have to give them a call and see if they will send me a new one.

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