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    I purchased the Seidio USG and am 97% happy with it. The only problem I have is the edge of the upper right corner is slightly elevated. No matter how hard I try with a credit card, I can not get this edge to fully lay down. I applied the USG only once without removing. Am I being super picky or would the Boxwave Crystal produce better results?

    Btw, I have seidio innocase on my Pre which I LOVE!
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    I have the boxwave on mine and after removing it a few times The edges in the corners don't stay down. I think it is the nature of the kind of screen protectors that cling rather than use adhesive. It doesn't bother me any, not like the invisible shield did on my blackberry which dirt got up under the edges and made it look ugly as heck. Looking at the pics you posted I ca hardly notice. On mine it is just slightly more than yours.
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    Judging from a few other pics I've seen on here, mine doesn't look that bad. I guess I am just a perfectionist. With the exception of that one corner, the rest of the edges are flawless!

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