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    Does anyone know how to send pictures from one phone to another thru bluetooth? Is that even possible with the new Pre? I know I could send pictures thru bluetooth with my palm pro thru bluetooth or beaming them.

    Any suggestions?
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    no its not possible bcuz of the bluetooth software palm uses
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    Quote Originally Posted by wess580 View Post
    no its not possible bcuz of the bluetooth software palm uses
    Any word on when bluetooth send will be enabled? I used this all the time to move files from my PC/Mac/other phones to my Centro.
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    I thought, this feature will be enabled with the last update. As I spoke to a tech support person, she said that it will get updated but I haven't seen a thing!!!

    I hope they will do it in next update.

    A new app to share files from phone to phone would be great. What do you say....
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    actually i hope someone makes a homebrew app for it bcuz i miss being able 2 send files thur bluetooth that was a big mistake by palm holding back like that not only on the bluetooth but forwarding text messages to i left my centro and pro for this it shouldve have all there capabilties and more but sadly no
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    well i talked to a palm rep and sadly they could give me no answer on the bluetooth or forwarding of text messages been thinkin bout using the homebrew app for the forwardin waitin for one on bluetooth

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