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    Hey all,

    Strangely my car's factory head-unit died about 2 days after I got my touchstone & car charger in the mail from pre-central

    Got a new Pioneer job installed, while they were in there I asked to have the touchstone hardwired. Works great - mounted the stone to one of the blank switchpanels, so it can be removed someday if need be. Its angled just about right to read.

    The Pre and Pioneer play together really nicely. Very easy to pair up, music streams effortlessly, the nav works great through the car speakers. If you're streaming music, it drops the volume down to give directions & then turns back up. Phone works great (small remote mic on the visor). Overall, pretty dang happy with the way the two devices are working!

    Thanks palm & pioneer!
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    Nice......very nice.
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    Does it slide off when you hit bumps?
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    I have the Pioneer P980BT and it has issues playing music via A2DP. Is everything working great with your pioneer? I was thinking about swapping mine out for your model. ANy static during the music streaming? Were you able to transfer the phonebook? Does the Pre and the pioneer pair up automatically when you start the car? Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Nice setup! What model Pioneer is that? 6100? 7100?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lobody94 View Post
    Nice setup! What model Pioneer is that? 6100? 7100?
    I agree! Looks great. I would like to do the same thing - but I have to replace my head unit.
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    I'm super jealous! I want to get something like this done, but need to figure out where to put the Touchstone and also scrounge up the cash. It would be so awesome.

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