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    Sorry if this has already been covered...

    Do any of the Palm Pre cases do anything to combat the OREO effect?
    I've owned my Pre for a little over a week, and it doesn't have much torque to it yet, but the little it has now has me nervous that it's going to show more.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    This worries me as well. Mine is 5 days old, and swivels a bit when closed, but not when open.
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    The $20 RocketFIsh from BestBuy seems to make it a bit more sturdy. It will wiggle the same if you push on it, but it doesn't wiggle when I'm talking into it or using it normally.
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    The innocase definitely helps minimize wiggle.
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    my pdair case helps too. I think alot of cases help because they keep you from pushing on the pre in the manner that causes the most pronounced oreo,the upward twisting motion.

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