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    Is it?
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    I love the touchstone-- no need to fiddle with that little door to plug in the phone-- I come home and drop it on the touchstone and it charges...pick it up and walk out with it...the $$$ is a lot but worth it
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    I think it is worth the price.

    The initial sticker price of ~$70 might have been a little steep, but now they're available for ~$50, and I've seen extra docks listed for around $32. (Once you have the "kit" with a dock and the battery cover, you can buy additional docks for use in other locations).

    The touchstone battery cover alone is worth it, IMHO. Makes the phone "feel" much better. (I've heard some folks say that they'd get the battery cover even if they didn't get the charger... not only does it "feel" better, it also appears to be more durable.)

    The convenience of not having to mess with the micro USB cover is a real plus as well. I'm looking forward to installing one in my car (despite Palm's official position that the touchstone wasn't intended for in-car use).

    I also love "nightstand mode" -- being able to see the clock & any notifications if I happen to glance at it at night.

    Plus... there's still a bit of a novelty and "coolness" factor to it. I just like it because I like it. And I've blown far more than $50 on plenty of other gadgets and games that weren't nearly as useful. So for me... it's absolutely worth it. But you'll have to make that call for yourself
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    Once you start using it you will start wondering how you ever lived without one. It is just convenient. You may start thinking of placing touchstones everywhere!
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    No....I returned mine right before the 30 days ran out and alot of extended batteries are coming out that will not support it. The little door on the side is only a pain at first, once you get used to it and you use it alot it comes open in a second.
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    I find it to be worth it. Between the the Touchstone and Bluetooth I never have to bother with any wires for charging or playing audio.
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    I don't use an extended battery, so that's not an issue for me, and I think it is absolutely the greatest.
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    if you have the money, get it. but if you don't, just carry the usb wire with you. its not that big of a hassle to open the cover and plug it in. if you say it is, you are beyond lazy. so if you have to ask if its worth it, maybe its not right for you. i'm not downplaying it, i wish i had the money for it, but i don' usb cable is great for me.
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    I love it. I hate the USB door, it's a pain, and likely to break the amount of times I need to charge this thing.

    With that said, $70 ($50 here) would be better if palm included a damn power adapter. I have mine at work at the moment because I have days I really use the phone.. and I'm in and out of the office so the touchstone is perfect.

    I was going to get a 2nd one for home because it's $40 w/o the touchstone cover. But, then I need another power adapter. My usb cables would need shaving, and apparently none of the ac adapters I have provide enough juice. I gotta spend $15 at least, $20-30 if I want palm stuff w/o having to jerry rig something. Then I realized all said and done, I would have spent almost half the cost of the phone on charging it.

    I decided to wait and see how much 1400mah will really get me instead of a 2nd touchstone
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    Yes, I have 3 now. One at home, one at work, and one in the car. I may even get another for at home. It is so convenient to just be able to "drop" the phone on the charger and not mess with wires, or the stupid door. And in the car it is great because it keeps the phone in place and I have it mounted so I can see the screen without taking my eyes off the road.
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    Bought a few Kindle chargers and some extra Touchstones. One on the bed side table, one in front of my keyboard at work. One spare for the living room. Wife also has one at work and on the bed side table. Sits the Pre perfectly for running Pandora to my BT stereo headphones. Awesome.

    Thought about one in the car, but most of the car time is between work and home. Not enough time to really worry about the battery.
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    The back is definitely worth it. I think if you have the money to spend on the whole kit, I would because it is so convient to just set on the dock and not have to mess with any plugs. Plus it can be used as a bedside or desk clock .
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    Personally, really like the TS. As others have mentioned it seems a bit costly just to make charging more convenient but now it it seem indispensable. The convenience factor is huge
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    No. Just buy some micro usb cables. I am always around a wall plug or usb port. Charges faster and a whole lot cheaper.
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    touchstone is pissin me off because it will charge overnight and it will get hot no matter when u pick it up

    i wish it would stop charging at 100%
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    I don't have a Pre, but I heard the usb door is easy to open if you slide out the keyboard first..
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    yes well worth it i use it all tha time but some issues if your using a case
    the ones from best buy rocket fish dont work
    the cases from seidio work with the touchstone
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    I think it will save the USB port cover from dying...
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    It is cool at parties... hey, does your phone do this...

    oooh..... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh....
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