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    I believe the stickiness of the bottom of my Touchstone is gone. Any ideas or comments on how to keep it from sliding?
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    I heard you can wash it with light dishsoap and warm water. Give it a try.
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    get a pack of these:

    they are double sided circle velco - one side sticks to the touchstone the other sticks to whatever surface you need... holds very well i used them in my car mod

    you can buy a pack of like 20 at staples - next to the thumbtacks and other "poster board" adhesives
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    You can wash it off with warm water and a very tiny bit of dish soap. Not a ton of water, just enough to get it damp on the bottom really. And make sure that you don't get any inside the connector or anything.

    If I could get it to stick again after this: then you should be set.
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    rubbing alcohol works as well.
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    Just a bit of water, and it works like new. Even if you don't see any dust, it still makes a huge difference.
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    Thanks everyone! So far i've just put some water on the bottom and that helped, but i might try some soap next, and possibly get the sticky pads for extra hold.
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