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    I tried this same headset out about a year ago after I lost my Plantronics Voyager 510 in the big northwest snowstorn last winter, but when I received it, the part where you plug in the 2nd ear was broken so I couldn't utilize that part. As far as call quality, I got nothing but complaints from people about the background noise. I guess the noise cancellation just wasn't near as good as the Voyager 510.

    Anyway, I returned it, received another Voyager 510 to replace my lost one. After having this one for about 9 months, it died on me, so I called Plantronics and they sent me a warranty replacement for free. All I had to pay for was the return shipping for the dead unit.
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    I had a 510 briefly before the 855 and I would say it's call quality was a little better than the 855, but I haven't had many caller complaints about background noise with the 855. The deal breaker for me with the 510 was that I could never get comfortable with the behind the ear design. Neither headset hold a candle to my old Genumm nxzen headset for noise reduction, when paired with my old Moto flip phone (v710?) it was amazing. A fire truck with sirens blaring could pass you and the caller wouldn't even hear it. Unfortunately, when paired with any other phone but the Moto its sound quality was horrible, the ear loop would break if you looked at it too hard and the ear gel stuck out far making it uncomfortable to put in a pocket. The company sold the tech to Cellpoint which which hasn't updated it since.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jp22382 View Post
    Just got this today and am very impressed: - PLANTRONICS Voyager 855 Stereo Bluetooth Headset - Bluetooth Cell Phone Accessories

    The sound quality is great (to me anyway, not an audophile).

    Easily as good as the wired headphones I had (not the ones that came with the Pre).

    Call quality is good, being able to play music on just the headset is very nice, music controls: pause/play, next/previous, volume up/down.

    I am completely impressed by these and they are damn cheap for what you are getting.

    Mr. Dieter did a review of this headset a while back too:

    Oh, and it charges with micro usb, so that is incredibly handy.
    How well is the background noise & wind cancellation with the 855
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    Well folks I got the 855 from amazon dot com. And all I can say is that this thing works great with the Pre. The fit is great I do not have to use those ear hooks at all they give you different sizes of ear gels to fit and the hooks are for added support . It pauses and play music just as it should, also on incomming calls. It paired up nicely and so easy that I did not have to enter the 0000 or 1234 codes. The calls are clear for speaking and listening. Background noise and wind buffer are not the best but to me after testing it with a fan (in your face up high level 3) in the background on one test and the other test was with running water in the background in your face...the background noise was heard from both tests BUT MIND YOU the background noise was no where as near as loud as talking on the PRE itself. My brother in law was on the other end and he said the background noise from being on the Pre itself was at a level of 10. While the background noise while on the Plantronics 855 came in at a level 5, which he said did not bother him at all. And compared with the blueant z9i with the same background noises, isolation mode 1 was at a level 3. And at isolation mode max was at level 1 he said that at isolation mode 1 he could not hardly hear any background noises until i spoke but then it was still very very low. But he added that I sounded louder on the Plantronics 855 BUT on the Blueant z9i he said i sounded very muffled. And the battery life on the 855 is the bomb I used it to play music for about 5 hrs while doing a total body workout at the gym. This is my own thoughts on the 855 I donot work work for Plantronics or any cellphone gadget store I'm just a dumb crane operater that gets suckerd in to buying really do i need that product
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpester View Post
    @gcarmichael312, it's your Pre. I had the same issue and after a replacement Pre, the 855 works like a charm. It must have something to do with the initial Pre device HW or firmware.
    Having the same problems. Worked great at first, but is getting worse and worse at pairing to the point that I can't use it anymore. Should I exchange the pre? How can I be sure its the pre and not the headset? And how should I convince them it's the pre so I can get a replacement?

    update: problem seems to have disappeared with 1.3.1...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigtuna00 View Post
    To those with the 855: does your pause/play button actually play?

    Mine never does, only the pause works. I have to use the phone to play again.
    I have the same problem.
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    I noticed the same problem too, but I have found out that if very soon after you pause it, (less than 10 seconds or so, if you hit pause/play twice, it begins playing. If you have paused it for a longer period of time, do the sequence twice of the pause/play button, ie tap tap, wait maybe a half second, tap tap. Works every time for me.
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    I love my Voyager 855 as well. The single ear mode is great, and I don't even mind inserting it into my ear, and the noise cancellation is great: I can run on the treadmill or mow my lawn and still hear fine.
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    The connector for the 2nd earbud has broken, and now I can't seem to find this headset for under $80...

    Anyone know of a similar headset? Stereo bluetooth and calls, without being bulky or one solid piece. I love this headset but paying more than twice what I did for the first one is not very appealing
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