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    My BT Headset - a BlueAnt Z9i has to be manually reconnected anytime it goes out of range - so that when it is back w/in range I have to press the BT icon and do a manual reconnect. (is this how it is supposed to work?)

    Regardless - anyone know of a shortcut to do the reconnect... ?
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    Same headset here- it works fine on my HTC Mogul but if I turn it off after paring it with the PRE, and then turn it back on later, it does not reconnect. I have to remember to hold the power button till it blinks blue- paring mode, then hit the top right of the PRE screen and choose bt to have it rediscover it. Crap. Biggest issue I have with the PRE at this point and I am about to just throw in the towel on the Z9 and get something else.
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    I have to do the same manual reconnect with the same cheap BT set I have. Insomething. Infinity or In???
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    So it seems that this is an issue with the Blue Tooth HEadset not the PRe.

    I really like the Z9i - for the money it was a great headset but if other BT headsets are working fine and reconnect with no problem - then it will have to go back.

    I'm looking for great voice quality with superior noise reduction as my #1 feature.

    Any experience with the BlueAnt Q1? I am seeing that there is a severe battery life issue with the PRe. WOnder if it has the same reconnect issue.

    Lots of love for the Voyager headset - just don't like the size of it.

    Tzvia - how did you like the Z9i for voice quality?
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    Have you tried the Jabra BT8040? Cant beat it for $14.99 on Amazon. Works great for me.
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    I've had the same issue with my Jabra BT530. Didn't have that problem with my Centro, so not sure I'd say it's the headset.
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    luigidk-I like the Z9i- the sound quality is fine, that's what ticks me off here, I want it to work like it does on my Mogul. For grins, I grabbed my old Motorola headset (the one that folds closed) and pared it. I then opened and closed it, waiting some time between, and it pared again no problem so it looks like some sort of compatibility issue with the BA vs the PRE. I can't blame the Z9i all by itself, as it works fine on the Mogul. They just don't like each other.
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    Same here - I thought I had something setup wrong. Randomly it will connect after going through a series of beeps for about 30 seconds. I have a Plantronics 855 and started using it because of the z9i reconnect issues.
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    I didn't have any problems with the Z9i until the update. Now I'm getting the same as everyone else. I need to restart the ear peice and the phone to make it work properly. Blue Ant needs to update their frimware to fix this.
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    I haven't had any issue with reconnections on the z9i. what i do notice is that after i walk away from the Pre, the z9i beeps for 20-30 seconds, telling me to get back in range. When it stops beeping i can either tap the button to repair (since voice commands don't work), or just wait till i get a call and it will reconnect.

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