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    Has anyone been able to check and see if the 1.1 update resolved any of the Bluetooth static issues? Specifically, I'm wondering about people that have reported problems using the Pre with Bluetooth in their Infiniti or Nissan?

    I ended up returning my Pre. The Bluetooth static was horrible in my 2007 Infiniti G35x and I also had Exchange email issues (the formatting on replies and forwards was getting hosed). Since the Exchange issues appear to have been resolved, I'd really like to go and get the Pre again. However, it would be helpful if the Bluetooth issue was also addressed.

    Any insight?


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    I just tried it on my 2007 Infiniti G35 and I did not hear any improvement from before; still in and out and filled with static. I really hope this gets resolved soon so I can stop using my ear piece.
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    This is hugely almost three year old Blackberry Pearl works just fine. I understand that this problem appears to be on the car manufacturer side, as few problems have been reported with other makes and models. It's just a bummer...
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    I know this really bums me out too. My old Treo 680 would not pair with my Lexus so I could not use it there, and then I get this Infiniti and the new Pre and it has horrible reception. I am having no luck at all with Palm phones and my car.

    You go to PSU?? I graduated there 2000
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    The 1.1 update did nothing for the pre and Infiniti sound problems. Does anyone know if the new Palm Pre's being delivered now have the same sound problems as the Pre's from opening day?
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    Of course I don't know for sure, but there's a very good chance that this is an issue with the car's implementation, not the phone...just because a car "does bluetooth" doesn't mean it does it well. My 2007 Infiniti G35x didn't get along with my last cell phone either.
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    Funny that you guys have a thread about this. My brother recently tried to connect his Pre to his girlfriends Infiniti and it completely screwed up her car's system. Since she works at an Infiniti dealership, she called Palm to ask about the issue. It seems Palm rep has been down at her dealership half this last week to test out the problems. So maybe there will be a fix soon!
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    Well, that's certainly encouraging. Hopefully they will come up with a resolution soon.
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    My wife just got a Pre yesterday, connected it to her 2009 Murano and is having the same problem. She's got 29 more days for them to resolve this or else she'll have to return the Pre and switch over to ATT and iPhone...but she doesn't want to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrkillel View Post
    My wife just got a Pre yesterday, connected it to her 2009 Murano and is having the same problem.
    When you pair with the car kit, what's the name from the 09 Murano?
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    Here is my story... I have 2007 G35 with NAV/Bose/BT. I returned my first Pre because I got so frustrated with BT connection static. Waited for awhile and bought BB Tour. Needless to say it worked perfectly with Infiniti and in general BB BT is much better - longer range, no static on the headset, etc. But after only 3 days of using it, I realized how much I missed everything Pre had to offer... So, here I am on my second Pre, still having problems with my car, but otherwise very very happy... I hope Palm will fix it soon, but other than that, I think its the best phone I had so far..
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    I have a 2007 G35 sport sedan with nav/bose/bluetooth and am also having the static issue. I've used two other phones with this car with no problems, but the Pre's static/cutting out is driving me insane. I'm gonna keep the phone though because I love it so much and just hope a software update can fix this issue.
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    That is a bummer, but for sake of others who will read this thread, I have never had any issues with Pairing the Pre and using it with my 2006 Infiniti G35. It works well. I do hope they can fix your issues. You all have awesome phones and cars.

    I read there were questions about packages in the other thread. I have the NAV/BOSE combo for my 2006.

    Good Luck,
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    no problems pairing with 2007 nissan sentra with my pre. wish i had a g35 like everyone else.
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    be careful what you wish for LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by epterkim View Post
    no problems pairing with 2007 nissan sentra with my pre. wish i had a g35 like everyone else.
    Not a pairing problem

    Never had problems pairing my phone to my G37 or had anybody else, but if you make a call the sound quality is garbage and you can't hear what the person on the other end of the phone is saying. Unless Nissan totally deviated from the norm with the Sentra bluetooth I assume you'll have the same problems that everybody is reporting with Nissan/Infiniti (which is not a pairing problem).

    To the person that said it's a problem with the car... well yes that might be. As I understand Nissan/Infiniti uses a Clarion bluetooth interface (which to my knowledge I don't know of any other manufacturer using Clarion). So Palm needs to make their stack compatible with the Clarion. I've had other cars as well where it didn't work, but the phone manufacturer finally updated their firmware which made the bluetooth work. Palm needs to make it's bluetooth work with Nissan/Infiniti and not the other way around. Nissan is a pretty big car company and I don't think it would be in Palm's best interest to ignore all Nissan owners. It's easier and cheaper to replace your phone over your car. My Motorola Q9c worked great in my Acura TL and my Infiniti G37. My Pre works like crap in my G37 and my wifes Palm Pro works like crap in her Nissan as well.
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    I would suggest that every one having an issue with their bluetooth and nissan/infiniti cars go to the Palm website, community, most popular forums, bluetooth WiFI, then click on post by HardBeatZ, you will see there that they are asking for all issues to be reported under this thread (sorry I can not post link because I have less than 10 posts). Hit reply under his comment and fill out the template that they ask for. If it is true that they would like all issues under one thread instead of multiple sites, then I suggest we all hit it. There is action taken when there are alot of complaints on one site. We can only hope that these posts by several unhappy customers will get the problem solved. Thanks
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    I really like the Pre and hope to re-purchase it when / if this Bluetooth issue is resolved. However, in the interim I decided I wanted to check out the T-Mobile myTouch 3G and see how it compares. I went out today and grabbed one. Low and behold, the same problems with static in my Infiniti G35!

    I haven't looked on any T-Mobile or Android message boards yet (I haven't actually even looked for them), but I think this definitely points to Nissan/ Infiniti and how they are implementing Bluetooth.

    The Pre and myTouch are both brand new phones, from completely different manufacturers running very different operating systems. My car to have never had a problem with my almost three year old Blackberry Pearl, but is unable to work correctly with two different current generation phones.

    Very curious...
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    Great. I was just about to buy a new Nissan Maxima and was excited about the bluetooth....
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    I'll confirm it has the same issues on the 09 Nissan Maxima. Great car tho. I posted on the palm forum in the issues list as requested.
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