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    I have the Sprint Car Charger for the Pre and have started to notice a problem. 80% of the time, the phone doesn't recognize that I have plugged the charger in. I have to sit there and unplug then replug it in until it finally shows that it is charging. Never seems to do this at home with the bundled USB cable and Wall charger. Has anyone else noticed anything like this? I am thinking about going into a Sprint store to see if there is something wrong with my phone or the charger.
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    for the sprint charger to kick in, the palm pre screen must first be off and idle for 5 seconds, then plug the charger in

    give it a try
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    I had the same problem with my Sprint Charger. The Palm OEM charger does not have this issue. Thats the one I recommend.
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    Thanks for the idea. I will check it out and see if that solves it. Sounds reasonable though.

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