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    I have searched the forum but can't tell if the exact issue I am having has been addressed. I have a plantronics bluetooth earpiece which I keep on a charger in my car. Whenever my Pre gets out of range of the Plantronics (like when I leave my car and the earpiece in a parking lot), and then I come back into range of the earpiece, I have to manually go into bluetooth settings and tell the Pre to re-connect to the Plantronics. This is a re-connection, not a re-pairing. The phone always shows the Plantronics device in its menu, but it just doesn't re-connect to it automatically like my Treo 650 and HTC Touch Pro did.

    Is this normal? If not, does anyone know of any possible solution? Thanks in advance.

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    My Blueant S1 reconnects automatically when I enter the car. But my stereo speakers do not.

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