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    Hi all!
    After reading a bunch of posts on here about Phantom Skinz I took off my Invisible Shield and put on Phantom Skinz last night.

    I have to say the look and feel of them are much better than IS.
    I don't agree with the comments that the install was easier, it was about the same for me.

    In fact with the IS I had no bubbles or anything, but I think there was a defect in the screen that cause a line near the top and one at the bottom.

    With the Phantom Skinz it looks like there's a few spots with water trapped under the skin.
    I know there's a curing process with all these skins, but don't think that water will go away with that curing process.. no where for it to go.
    Anyone else have this probelm?

    If so am I better off just pulling it off and using the 2nd skin that came in my pack, or waiting to see what happens over the next couple of days?

    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    Give it at least 5 days. The water will eventually disappear. My Bodygaurdz took about 4 days.
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    Once you have the screen protector on the screen (meaning just the top not the sides) You were supposed to push all the water out with the card included in the package. This will move the water out once slide down the card. Then, you are supposed to do the sides.
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    Well, when I put my Phantom Skinz on, it looked like **** the first time. Bubbles everywhere and hair, it was a big mess. I also messed it up the second time. I called customer support and told them my issue and they sent me new ones. I only added a spec of shampoo to the water in this new one, and the install was a lot smoother. I was abl to push most bubbles out. Either way, I saw two little bubbles left after I finished, with water under. After like 2 or 3 days tho, it was gone, and now it looks perfectly smooth. I still had a slight peel on the on for the back cover, but nothing I cant live with. I say give it two days, and if it doesnt get better, use the second. If that doesnt work, you can always call them and see if they will send u another pack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikest View Post
    Give it at least 5 days. The water will eventually disappear. My Bodygaurdz took about 4 days.
    yeah, what he said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo View Post
    You were supposed to push all the water out with the card included in the package.
    Yeah I did this, but there's so much water on the skin from the application, then fingerprints after wiping away the excess water, you can't tell if you got 100% everything out.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    Thanks all, I'll give it a few days and see what happens.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    Grab some of those silica packets that come w/ new electronics and put ur pre in a ziploc bag w/ the silica when u go to sleep (or aren't using your phone). the silica will absorb the water.

    Note: I haven't tried this. It just makes sense that it would work. Just FYI.
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    Just give it time. My Pre looks sexy with the Phantom Skinz
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    - Craig
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    I think I read somewhere that the skins are reusable??? When I put mine on I was very careful and it came out almost perfect excepts for one tiny bubble toward the back bottom side. its non noticable so i left it alone.
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    Well, those water bubbles are gone already.
    After less than 24 hours it looks perfect already.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    I kept my fingers wet but still got some fringerprints under the skin. It looks for the most part smooth, but I see a bubble in the upper left side. I turned the phone on and could not see the image clearly under the skin. Will the image clear up once the skin drys and is on longer?

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    i have a handful of little air bubbles on my screen after 12 hours...hoping they clear up within the next 24 hours or so...
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    its been about 2 weeks for me and there are 2 water bubbles in the front of my screen. I have no clue what to do =\ any ideas? They haven't gotten any smaller also
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    using a blow dryer really helps to..just installed phantom skinz on my pre and i used a blow dryer on the back and it just fit on in seconds and dryed the water..althogh on the side of my pre there is still a bit of little bubbles and question is does the hazyness go away also? it looks like smudges or something..=\
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    Give it time, I installed my Phantom Skinz like 5 days ago, I had a LOT of excess water trapped underneath it and while it has taken a while to dry it now looks perfectly clear except for one or two moisture spots which are drying out and should be gone soon. The only thing that bothers me is that I have a vertical rainbow line on the right side of my screen, it looks like a line of facial oil or something, i'm hoping it goes away, does anyone else have this problem after installing their skin?

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