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    Innocell 2600 Extended Life Battery ships week of july 31 - Palm Pre Forums

    Looks like it"ll be $58 with the 10% discount code...not bad!
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    would be nice to have a touchstone version..
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    Thats pretty cool!
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    Touchstone version is in the works.

    There is a thread on this already in the Accessories forum...FYI.
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    Looks thicker then my phone with it's hard case on. Maybe it's just my eyes today. I will pass though, since my case wouldn't fit over it. I still may buy a second battery though, haven't decided.
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    That looks massive and rather ugly with the finish they used. I really can't see anyone wanting to turn their phone into that but I guess you never know.

    Can't wait to see photos side by side with a stock Pre and in someone's hand.
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    Holy crap, thats an enormous back. I'm gonna pass!
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    if not compatible with touchstone, why the matte back? If I get one that's not compatible, I want my shiny back!
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    man that case is so thick it actually forms a Snoot for the flash lol
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    Well, what's the improvement in terms of battery life? If it's twice as much, that means I get close to 3 days of use out of the phone. That's pretty darn impressive.
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    doesn't look as bad as i expected. I would really think about buying this only if it fits in my palm leather case (I highly doubt it will fit)
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    I agree with others... would rather have a slimmer phone and charge it at the end of the day than have a really THICK phone which looks clunky. (BTW I am getting 2 days on a single charge with a stock battery) As a backup I have a spare battery just incase battery dies in mid day.
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    Yeah, I have no problem charging my phone every night... think I'll pass on this one.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    If it wasn't 1/4 the price of the phone, I would get it.
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    The matte is much nicer IMO - the touchstone back does not get smudges + finger prints all over it, and it does not scratch as easily. And it is less likely to slip out of your sweaty hand ;-)
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    Will the phone still fit in the palm leather case holder? It looks pretty thick and this case fits pretty tight already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronnienyc View Post

    The matte is much nicer IMO - the touchstone back does not get smudges + finger prints all over it, and it does not scratch as easily. And it is less likely to slip out of your sweaty hand ;-)
    You took the words right out of my mouth. I would still prefer the TS cover even if the TS charger didn't exist. It just makes the whole phone feel more solid and less cheap.
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    I like the soft-paint matte finish. Its on my Touchstone back, and my wife wants one (doesnt have a Touchstone back) because of the smudges and grime that the stock back collects. I guess different strokes for different folks.

    I dont think its that much bigger. I know some other posters have asked Seidio to post comparison photos. To my wife, the thickness may not be an issue considering how slim the phone is already. It probably wont be thicker than her outgoing 755p. I guess its all perspective.
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    I hope to get one myself, my only thing is that it looks like the area surrounding the cam will mess up the cam view and/or cause funny flash reflections when the flash lights up.
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    Okay here's the thing. I can totally understand the need for a extended battery like this. But they're wasting so much space. If you look at the Seidio link, it's just a normal rectangular battery that fits in the Pre's battery space. I can understand that people don't really want a hump from the extended battery, and that it looks better being uniform, even if that means it's thick. But if you're going to do that, why stick to the standard battery shape? Fill all of the empty space in the back panel, and you could probably get up to 3000 mAh.
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