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    Quote Originally Posted by ryder4321 View Post

    I found the site where to buy it. I was actually asking how much of the pre does the brando screen protector cover.
    Sorry I misread your post. Too early in the morning for me?

    The coverage is almost the entire front face. There is a notch at the top to expose the ear piece, a notch at the bottom for the microphone, and a hole for the button. So the height is almost from the top of the ear piece to the bottom of the microphone. The width is just a little beyond the (1-2mm on each side) beyond the active portions of the screen. The edges are all slightly curved to match the curve of the Pre.

    I hope this answers your questions... plee3
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    That's exactly what I needed to know. Placing an order when I get home.
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    Palm Pre Screen Protector | Clear Protector

    Pretty much invisible and very slick. No tinting effect or rubberiness.

    That said, I haven't tried others and this is pricier than most. As others have said in other protector threads, dont' get discouraged by the initial tackiness, it smooths out. I periodically polish it with one of those pre-moistened electronic screen wipes.

    And I echo the recommendation not to use too much water. It shouldn't be sopping.
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