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    I've had my Pre for a month now and have been charging it with the cable. I haven't had any problems with battery life - I can easily go 12 hours and only use 40% of the battery. A few days ago I got a Touchstone charger and so I replaced the back on my Pre, and have been using the Touchstone to charge my Pre for the last few days. However, ever since I started using the Touchstone, my battery life is horrible. It starts out at 100% at 8am and by noon only has 40% charge left. Has anyone else experienced this with the Touchstone?
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    I have always had a theory that magnets drain batteries, but I never looked into it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sothrowd08 View Post
    I have always had a theory that magnets drain batteries, but I never looked into it.

    just like my theory that my wife drains my wallet. I think we are onto something here!
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    Fortunately, this one's easily tested. I'm not going to do a test tomorrow, because I just turned off EAS and am checking to see if that makes a difference. Once I can verify that one way or the other, I'll put on my original cover and see what's up.
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    I'll test it tomorrow too
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    mine drains about the same either way. The only way it drains faster is if it's been a few weeks since I've done a reboot
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    No difference here with my touchstone back. If I turn push off on both of my email accounts the battery life goes right up. With 2 push accounts though, I get through 12 hours and that is about it with my Seidio 1350mah battery.
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    I was wondering this myself. I guess I should try to see if there are any differences also. I think I will try to remember fully charge the battery (stock) and let it drain normally overnight. Since I wake up the same time each weekday, it should give room for consistent load.
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    I have had my Touchstone back for about a month now and have noticed absolutely no difference in battery drainage. I still average between 20 and 30% battery life left at the end of my day. Same as before I purchased the Touchstone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevied3 View Post
    just like my theory that my wife drains my wallet. I think we are onto something here!
    This is no theory...proven fact!!!
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    ok, so I've been using the touchstone and back since the day I got my Pre. After reading this post, I decided to charge all night using the USB plug and put the original back on my Pre. So far it seems to drain about the same to me. I have noticed that the original back is a tad bit slimmer than the touchstone one. I can't decide if it feels better in my hand.
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    I went a month before getting the touchstone, and since I have noticed no difference.
    For me it is allways signal related... If I get a good signal it lasts for more than a day, if I don't it's less than a full day.
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    I went today without my touchstone back and I noticed no improvement in battery life. I'm at 35% at the end of the business day
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    Moved Touchstone thread to the Palm Pre Accessories forum.

    - Craig
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    I am a doc and I think that the back may drain the battery if near other magnets/ magnetic fields. I work nearby (but not too close) a MRI scanner and when PLUGGED INTO THE USB jack, my batter drained in under three hours. FYI. Do not try to charge it near a magnet source while plugged into a USB cord.
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    No difference with Touchstone or regular cover on my Pre. About the same energy drain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sothrowd08 View Post
    I have always had a theory that magnets drain batteries, but I never looked into it.

    While spousal wallet drain is a well established phenomenon, magnets do not drain batteries, as any first year physics or electrical engineering student could tell you.

    Stationary magnets sitting next to stationary electronics cannot induce any type of electrical charge. Get the circuitry moving through the magnetic field, or get a variable magnet field from electromagnets, then interesting things can happen, but not with a couple of rare earth magnets stuck near a battery. I just doesn't work that way.

    It is entirely possible for a defective touchstone back to drain your battery quite quickly, but the effect would be very rapid, and probably cause a fire. (maybe a small explosion). Such a touchstone back would also not work.
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    I just bought a Touchstone for my Pixi 2 day's ago and I am noticing significant battery drain with the new back on. I am experimenting with it now but it sure seems either the back is draining it quicker or the Touchstone device does not give the phone a good charge?
    I lost over 20% battery life in 1 hour with very minimal use and starting with a full (overnight) Touchstone charge. Switched back to the normal back and full USB charge and I went over 5 hours before I went down 20% (had much more phone usage also)?

    I am in the process of doing a USB charge but leaving the Touchstone back on to see what results I get.

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    Well I charged the phone with the USB cable and the Touchstone back on. Battery life seemed "normal". Looks like it may be the Touchstone charger is not giving a good charge? The phone reads 100% when charged on it but it drains very fast.

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    Touchstone sounds cool but if I can save battery life... forget it
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