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    On Ebay I found a place/guy selling a 4 pack of the Pre accessory kits. The kit includes a battery, charger, cord, pouch, and headphones. 4 of these sets for $100 plus $10 shipping. Are there 3 other people out there who want this kit for around $30 each shipped? We could share...

    Lot of 4-Palm PRE (Battery-Door-Headset-Pouch-Charger) - eBay (item 380141374142 end time Aug-19-09 20:23:22 PDT)

    I just found the same guy is selling them separately for $35 including shipping.
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    This is probably where all of those stolen Pre's ended up!!

    There was a store in Jax, Fl that was broken into about a month ago.

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