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    I bought my first Pre about 15-20 days ago and it had a bad case of the oreo slider. I got it replaced and my new one didn't have the oreo problem but I later noticed after I took it home that it has a noticeable gap on the left side. It's nothing major but the slider does wiggle a little bit and I'm kind of **bleep** about it. I'm slightly worried that it might get bigger, but it hasn't been much of a problem, just a slight annoyance. My 30 days is coming up sometime next week I believe and I have ordered the Touchstone with the new backing and everything and I think I remember reading somewhere that it helps a little bit with the gap/wiggle problem. Can anyone confirm this? I've been trying to get my hands on a new Pre that has zero gap because it just seems shoddy when I look at it and it has a gap. I want there to be no gap so I can't see any space between the pieces but the store I went through can never get their hands on a Pre. So does anyone have any experience with the new Touchstone back and if it might be a solution? I don't want to have to bend the piece of metal on the slider myself to make it tight, I'd prefer if it would just come that way if I bought it.

    Another clarification, that gap is causing the top slider to not be flush with the buttom slider. There's a slight edge and it is also very annoying to me. Maybe this is just because I moved from a one piece iPhone but I doubt it.
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    Welcome to the Forums.

    It really sounds like you need a candybar type Phone.

    You are not going to find any Phone that there is not some type of Gap or mismatch of top and bottom. Sorry it's just not going to be . Your dealing with Thin metal and plastic so ask yourself how much you can live with to look into another phone.

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