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    I guess Im just "different" than most normal people as far as my case needs go.

    I like to carry my phone with me in a case that sorta doubles as a wallet. Not really many, choices out there for that. I had one that was ok for my Centro, but even less seem to be around for my Pre so far.

    I was able to find only ONE! This one. Its ok, but my old one had a small pocket for a few dollars in cash as well as a few credit cards, etc

    This is what I found for PRE. Its best feature is that the belt/waistband clip is a swivel, so you can wear it vertical or horizontal.

    Its worst feature, is its VERY tight even for the few MUST have cards I need with me, and has no small pocket to tuck away a bill or two.

    But, it will have to do for now.. here it is:

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    I like that! But it looks like it would be huge on the hip. Do you have a link for it?
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    Its not really big, in fact its a tad smaller than the one I had for my Centro

    Here it is:

    WALLET CELL PHONE/PDA CASE POUCH FOR SPRINT PLAM PRE - eBay (item 150357331779 end time Aug-05-09 15:03:38 PDT)

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