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    I like the style of the Seidio Innocase, but don't want to pay $30 for a case. Are there less expensive alternatives that have similar features? Namely a case that is very thin with a nice rubberized feel to it?
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    So is everyone just getting the Seidio, or are people not getting cases?
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    I'm currently caseless. The Seidio is the only candidate for me at the moment, though I want to see stronger Touchstone performance before I pull the trigger, particularly since I use the Touchstone in my car.
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    Has anyone given this case a try, as an alternative to the Seidio one?

    Palm Pre Rubberized Plastic Case w/ Belt Clip - Black Shipped Free.

    I found it on one of the CNET Pre blogs. Only costs $14 and the guy gave it a 8.5/10.
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    I'm eyeballing the crystal case from brando.
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    I just installed the Innocase. It's okay. I'll give a review later.
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    I got the "Palm" case. Nicely made, but swapped it with my wife. She had the one we bought at the Sprint store, their house brand. It works fine, but I'll probably upgrade.

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