View Poll Results: Has your Pre fallen off of your in car touchstone while driving?

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  • Yes, and I had to pay $100 for a new pre.. :[

    2 6.45%
  • Yes, but thankfully nothing was damaged. :]

    5 16.13%
  • No, It is simply the best car mount available!

    14 45.16%
  • No, but I do fear it will happen soon.. :/

    10 32.26%
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    Anyone who has a story about your Palm Pre falling off of your Touchstone while driving in your car please post here!

    I am interested to see if there are any stories in which a Pre was damaged and possibly replaced due to rough driving, hard braking, old car, etc. causing the Pre to fall off of the touchstone, or if the magnets are indeed that strong enough to hold up to ay stadard of car and driver!

    Please Post Year, Make, and Model of your car, so viewers can get an idea if the touchstone in car solution is right for them.

    I also want to put an end to debates on if it is functional or not, I believe it will work better in newer smoother running cars, which brake smoother and handle nicer vs. old pickups that're very jerky. However 90% of it is the driver!

    Please let us know if your drive to work is 10min. longer because you have to take the slow streets, or because you drive more cautiously now that your pre is floating on a touchstone!

    All info is greatly appreciated!
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    Do you have a Touchstone? If you did you would know the magnet is strong.
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    Yes, I know the magnet is quite strong. I am personally trying to remain unbiased. I started this thread not only for my curiousity but others. And also to gather up everybody on this thread to discuss it, because from experience ANYTHING can happen and I wanna hear about it before I have to see it posted on Gizmodo :P
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    I had mine fall off while driving a mountain road over the weekend.. but no biggie. (and I don't think I had it on completely right either.. sometimes it'll sit there without quite being in the 'magical magnetic' spot..

    In this case, I had made a phone call and put it back (and it fell off 1 minute later)
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    I'm glad to hear it wasn't damaged, SEE people it is possible I cannot wait to see what direction this thread will take, we've already got diversity in the polls. Keep it up guys/girls!
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    Mine has fallen off maybe a dozen times already. There are some railroad tracks on my way home from work that knocks my pre off everytime. Sometimes I remember to hold on to it as I pass over them, sometimes I forget . So far my pre is holding up like a champ, no nicks or issues thus far.

    I drive a ford explorer sport; the touchstone is mounted directly to the right of my stereo, and puts the pre about parallel to the cars interior.
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    Wow I have railroad tracks near my house too, I do not have to pass them daily but that is something I did not immediately think of great post MikeyBeeb
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    i think the main issue with the pre falling off is that I type on it and slide the screen while trying to keep it on the touchstone. It has not fallen yet but I have once or twice noticed it was not seated properly and thus the magnet was weaker than normal but it still charged. It is rock solid if you dont plan to type or slide the phone out. Maybe that is just my experience but thought I'd share.
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    I drive an '04 Chevy Trailblazer, and went over one set of tracks, and I believe it was the angle, or something, but it fell off once (I don't think I had set it in the magnetic sweetspot). Haven't had it fall off since, and I've taken it off road.
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    I havent setup my in-car Touchstone yet, but I will note to angle it some so that the Pre will apply some of its weight down on the Touchstone instead of holding it vertical. Maybe the small vibrations cause it to unseat slightly. Applying some gravity will help eliminate some the effects of the vibrations.
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    Mine holds very well.

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