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    Hi all,

    I saw another post here in another thread where a guy said he had his Pre working perfectly with a Clarion CX-609 head unit in his car (the boards won't let me PM him because I don't have enough posts) . I just got the same unit in my car and am having some issues getting my Pre to work with it.

    It seems like the only way I can get my Pre to connect to the 609 is to put the Pre in discoverable mode, then use the head unit to "search" for devices, select the Pre, enter the 0000 passcode on the Pre and it connects. This works for the phone, but BT audio, although it claims to be connected, I get nothing but silence. I have to do this EVERY time I get in the car in order for it to work.

    If I attempt to initiate the connection from the Pre when the 609 is in pairing mode, it will connect momentarily, then immediately disconnect with no error (I get the little blue music and phone icons next to the CX609 in the bluetooth options screen, then they vanish).

    If I attempt to use the auto-connect feature and initiate the connection to the 609 from the Pre, I get an "unable to connect" message.

    Anyone have any ideas what I can do to fix this?

    Thanks in advance
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    I've tried contacting the manufacturer on this issue but got a set of generic setup instructions in response :/

    Is there a way to delete the bluetooth profile in my Pre for the CX609 and try to re-pair from scratch?

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