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    So, I received my Innocase and have tried it out for a while now, and absolutely love it. It seems as if it impedes on the oreo effect, does a good job of protecting the phone (I've already dropped it), and actually gives me a better sense of security from handling a more solid piece of equipment. The only issue that is preventing me from loving it unconditionally is its reduced magnetism when on the touchstone. I have a desk touchstone at work and a car touchstone that I just have positioned and mounted perfectly. This is almost a deal breaker, so I figure there could be something done.

    So, I'm calling out to the hardware modding collective on a solution. Reviewing the threads there seems to be some suggestions:

    • One suggestion would be custom installing a car clip permanently to the car touchstone, allowing direct contact. I'm not so sure of this since it would require me to remove it from my own innocase, and I wouldn't have access to the keyboard or the Pre in landscape mode.
    • Another suggestion is to change the magnets to rare earth magnets. This could really work well, but I'm concerned about the larger magnetic field having an impact on other phone electronics. Any thoughts?
    • One suggestion that I'm considering would be to machine out the back of the innocase surface with a hole large enough to make direct touchstone contact. It would also allow me to showcase the Palm Pre logo when I have the innocase on my belt, too. The only issue would be that after tracing the touchstone profile onto the case, it seems as if that would required taking a significantly larger portion of the case off, which may be hard to machine. Any thoughts?
    • Finally, we could just live without the back cover. The touchstone backing already has a nice surface, and having the front cover on does provide some sort of protection. I currently do this (snap the back cover off) when I know I'm going to be using the Pre in the car for a long time, like with Sprint Nav. However, I'm concerned that I'll soon break breaking the tabs of the innocase.

    Anything else that we could try or I might be missing? TIA.
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