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    I have an Infiniti 2008 G35 with bluetooth, that has so much static and garbled sounds, that it is unusable with the Palm Pre. The Infiniti worked fine with other bluetooth phones.
    Went to Radio Shack tonight and LG Electronics just came out with a hands free (HFB-500) that recharges with sunlight when mounted on the windshield or with an included car charger. It paired perfectly with the pre and no static at all. Cost $85.59 with tax.
    Wish I didn't buy the Infiniti Nav and bluetooth system, would have saved me a couple of thousand dollars. (Sprint Navigation is much better than the Infiniti's Nav system).
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    Nice and thanks! What would be nicer would be the ability to bluetooth (for calls) and FM radio for Pandora! Only unit I've seen that does that is a Motorola but the phone part is only HALF DUPLEX!! WTF was Moto thinking of! lolol
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    great info

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