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    I live in like the worst area in the world for cell reception. I got none at all on AT&T, and moved to Sprint both for the Pre and for what i knew was decent reception.

    My friend has a Touch Diamond that gets good reception in my apartment and my Amazon Kindle gets good 3G in my apartment. My Pre, of course, like all of them seem to be, is somewhat weaker in this department, but it hasn't been horrendous so long as I stay out of the second bedroom with it (which I use as an office) - that is until today when I setup my touchstone for the first time.

    I set it up on the credenza in my living room, where I tend to get the best signal, but both times I've received calls today I'll pick it up off the touchstone and I'll either hear nothing, or sit there saying "hello" while the person on the other end says "Hello?" unable to hear me.

    For like fifteen minutes after that the signal is just awful and I can't seem to make a call to save my life. Does anyone else experience this with the touchstone? Is it something about the mode the phone is in when it's charging on the touchstone, or is it something to do with the touchstone back on the phone? It's really getting annoying.
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    Has anyone compared voice reception with and without the Touchstone back, hopefully in a scientific way?

    There was always a controversy about whether a metal stylus in earlier Palm devices degraded reception. My question is - does the Touchstone back which contains magnetic coils either degrade or improve voice phone reception? Since a lot of Pre owners complain about reception anyway, someone should conduct a scientific test. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Touchstone back happens to double as an "antenna booster", or at least not degrade the radio signal? THANKS to anyone who does this.
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    It's a good thought, but the coil is pretty small, mostly covering the battery, where there is not antenna anyway. I think (without any proof to back me up) that the Touchstone should have very little if any impact on the signal.
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    Ok today I brought my Touchstone into work here for the first test (just got it yesterday) I put it on the charger.. everything was fine for about 30 mins then my signal went to 0 and then in and out off the phone being off. I finally made it up to roaming tried to send 3 texts.. all failed.. tried a resend.. all failed. Signal improved slighty to 1x and I tried again.. all 3 failed. I did a reboot.. I had Ev upon starting back up.. sent 8 txts just fine..

    Also with the touchstone.. I think I might be having another issue. For some reason my battery life just got killed to 66% from a 100% (Im using the 1350 seidio) I think I browsed 2 webpages on facebook and then listen to 2 songs.. ***.. argh

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